Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack O' Lantern cake

This past weekend Shayne and Andrea had  a Halloween party.  On thier invitation it said to wear a costume and bring a carved pumpkin.  Not being all that good at carving pumpkins I opted for a nontraditional Julie style pumpkin.  I just made mine out of cake and fondant.  Turns out that I was the only one that read that part of the invitation.  So by default I won the pumpkin contest.  This cake was carrot cake with cream cheese filling. 

Pumpkin cake

MacKenzie's school was having a fall festival and asked for cake donations for their cake walk.  So to be a little fancy I decided to make a pumpkin.  The fondant was being difficult so I addes fall leaves to hide the imperfections.

Kaya cake

Kaya's cake was a yellow cake with fresh strawberries and strawberry crack filling.  It was fondated with chocolate fondant.  Both Andrea and Shayne send me texts after they ate the cake proclaiming that this is now their all time favorite flavor cake. 

Erika's cake

One of MacKenzie's friends recently celebrated her 10th birthday and as apart of her gift I made her birthday cake. 

This inspiration for the cake

Raspberry Lemonade Cake

This is my contributions to the "Great Cousin Cake Swap 09".

heart cake

Another cake I made in my class.