Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small Update

I know I am soooo far behind in updating the cake blog. It just comes down to actually uploading the pics on the computer. So what I did for now is post pictures of some of the most recent cakes. I figure I am somewhere around 10 cakes behind. I know there are older ones that haven't been posted yet but that is because I loaded all of the pictures that were on my card from my camera. The other cakes are on the computer downstairs and I am going to do my best to get down there and post the pictures up. For now I have just loaded the pictures and no descriptions. I promise that is coming too. For now enjoy the last few cakes.

Madison Sweet 16 Cake

Kara Cake

Princess Vanessa Cake

Princess Arianna

Ethan Cake

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Drag Cake

I had a rather odd request. This was for a cake for a regular customers mom's birthday. They were taking her to a drag show and wanted a cake that reflected that. The only real instructions she gave me was glittery, flowers, and sparkly. Ok I can work with that (I think). So this is what I cam up with. I ended up using a whole can of shimmer spray, plus glitter, and after much searching I found feathers. It was a

Bacon Maple Cupcakes

Every once in a while (not as often as they would like) I make a batch of cupcakes and send them in to Rob's office. Often they are flavors I want to try out. After watching many many shows on Food Network I noticed that chocolate and bacon was a huge flavor profile. So I decided to try my hand at a cupcake with those flavors. So here it is: Butter Pecan cake, whipped chocolate ganache, sprinkled with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup. They were a hit. The box comes home empty every single time I send them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bollywood Cake

Maya turned 5 again! No not really they just had a second party for all of her family and friend. The first party, complete with beach themed cake, was for her school friends. So Madel, who I love, just told me she needed a big cake with the Bollywood theme and let me go on my own from there. I did a bit of searching the Internet to find an idea and then one day Sarah and I were in Michael's. Wilton (cake decorating company) is coming out with new products for cake and one thing they started making is silicone molds. Right now Michael's only carries two designs, one is buttons and ribbons which I told Ella's mom we need to use for next years cake. And the other is what they are calling a global design. The global design looked so much like what you would find on a sari that I knew it was perfect. After a few minutes of learning time I had it down and was hooked. I really like the molds and will use them again for other cakes. Something else new that I am totally in love with is edible pearl spray. I would love to eventually get an airbrush kit to use but for now I found this spray. It comes in a regular little spray paint can and really set this cake off. I loved it so much I used the whole can on this cake. Along with a bit of disco dust and it was set. The bottom layer was tye dyed with chocolate ganache and strawberry filling, the middle was yellow cake with hazelnut hot chocolate buttercream and the top was chocolate cake with white buttercream. And of course a hand painted topper.

Super Hero Cake

Cameron's buddy Sky turned 5!!! So of course I had to make him a cake as awesome as he is. This year Sarah decided to go with a Super Hero theme. And she found a cake that she liked and we adapted it to make it ours The bottom layer was white cake dyed hot pink with electric blue buttercream. It looked so cool! I wish I had taken a pic. And the top was royal purple with chocolate ganache.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maya is 5

Another May birthday down. It was Maya's turn this time. I have done Maya's 3,4, and now5 birthday cakes. I love doing cake for Madel (Maya's mom) because she gives me a theme and what fillings and lets me have at it. This year Maya is having 2 parties. This one was for her school friends so the cake didn't have to be as big. The theme was pool party/swim party. So I kinda went beachy. The cake was tye dyed pink and purple and the filling was buttercream. Just simple and basic for all of the kids. Everyone loved the cake. Kenzie was even happy because I let her make the starfish.

Kristen Cake

So after I made the baby shower cake for a wife of one of Rob's coworkers I was contacted to another one. This one was fun because it is the first time I busted out my Cricut Cake. If you don't know about the Cricut line of machines then head here to learn more. Basicly it is a cutting machine. They started out just for scrapbooking and paper crafts and recently created a food safe machine for fondant and other foods. I am lucky enough to own both a paper one and a cake one. I finally got out my cake cricut and was very happy with the results.

Back to the cake. The cake was based off of the bedding they had chosen for the baby.
The top tier of the cake was white cake with pink buttercream and the bottom layer was white cake dyed pink with chocolate ganache filling. I am really happy how it turned out. I am really looking forward to using the Cricut again to make cakes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ella 2011 cake

Fastest upload ever!!! We just got home from a birthday party for Cam's friend Ella. I for the third year in a row made her cake. I used the invitation as inspiration along with google to come up with this:
Complete with custom cake topper:

Here is the birthday girl and her momma. The top tier was Chocolate with chocolate ganache and the bottom was Strawberry cake with strawberry crack filling.

Cousins Cake

Back a few months ago I was contacted to do a birthday cake for a ladies daughter. Not very long after the party she sent me an email and told me she would be back for her other daughter 1st birthday cake in April. As I was setting up my April calendar I sent her a quick email to see if she was still interested. She was and wanted to add to it. Instead of doing a party just for her daughter they had decided to do one for all of the cousins who had April birthday's. So we decided on one big 1/2 sheet with all of their names on it and then for the three littlest ones their own cake. The big cake was tye dye with strawberry crack filling and all buttercream decorations and frosting. Then for the little ones we did butterflies for Alyssa, Elmo for Dakota, and a basketball for Bryan. This was the first time I have ever done a full designed character cake. Usually I add plastic figures or use cardboard cut outs. I think I actually pulled it off.

Easter Cupcakes

For Rob's unit we had a kids Easter party at the Commanders house. Even though it rained the kids had fun playing Wii and when it was nice enough a small egg hunt in the back yard. I didn't have to bring anything but thought I would whip up a quick batch of mini cupcakes. I figured that they were the perfect size to have one or seven (Ryan!).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emily and Melody Cake

My friend Lynn contacted me a few months ago to make a cake for her daughters combined birthday party. They were using the Disney show Special Agent Oso as a theme. I know who Oso is as Cam likes him and has watched him but coming up with a cake design was a little bit difficult. Sometimes when something is very character driven I get some sort of premade item to use. But Oso isn't extremely popular and the little figure guys were out of stock at our Toys r us. So what I did was find a good image and put it on cardboard to make a standup cake topper. Then I used the Oso colors to make stars, squares, and hearts and top it all off with glitter and disco dust and I think it turned out pretty nice. The top layer was Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache and the bottom was Tye Dye with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

London Cake

I got a call a few weeks ago about a cake based on the movie Tangled. After a little bit of searching I found a cool tower design that both would be within my level of expertise and pleased the birthday girl. We used plastic characters from the Disney store to tie in the movie. The top was made out of poster board and gum paste. The top tier was yellow cake with strawberry crack filling, the second was dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and the bottom was tye dye (pastel pink purple and green) with vanilla bean buttercream. And when I started to take pictures of it I realized that it needed a little something so I quickly (her dad was on the way to pick it up) ran in and got some pixie disco dust to give it that princess sparkle.