Sunday, December 12, 2010

Laila Cake

I had the pleasure of making a cake for Laila's 2nd birthday. Laila's mom got my card from Gymboree. I love Gymboree. Anyway. Her mom contacted me to see if I could make her an Abby Cadabby cake. The bottom square was tye dye with strawberry crack filling. The round layer was also tye dye with whipped chocolate ganache filling. When she walked into the kitchen to pick it up she just gasped and said how much she loved the cake. Just a little while ago Laila's mom sent me a text and told me that everyone loved the cake. She also told me that she would be calling me in April when her baby turns 1 to make her cake.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bella cake

My friend Kelly called me and asked me to make a cake for her daughter Isabella's 4th birthday. After changing the theme from Strawberry Shortcake to Little Mermaid we decided on a two tiered tye dyed cake with butter cream filling. At first I was very unsure of what to do as a design. Then after many nights googling and searching swagbucks I found my idea. I even made the seashells from white chocolate and brushed them with edible luster dust to give them dimension and sparkle. To say that Kelly was happy with the end result was an understatement. Even Bella was excited. As soon as I took it out of the box she asked if she could eat it.

Christmas Cupcakes

Yesterday we had our kids Christmas party for Rob's work. I of course made cupcakes. Just plain old red and green cupcakes with Christmas trees on top.

Princess Arianna

Friends of ours from Germany moved her last year. While we were trick or treating at the mall we saw them and they asked if I would be able to do a Disney Princess cake for Arianna's 3rd birthday. The top two layers was lemon with buttercream filling and the bottom was vanilla cake with strawberry crack filling.

Halloween Cupcakes

For Cameron's school Halloween party I wanted to do some sort of cool cupcakes. So I found this idea for a not so scary vampire. I think they turned out very cute. The insides were purple and green. The kids loved them.

Oliva Cake

Another cake through referrals. Things seem to be picking up a little bit. Olivia's mom called and was looking for a rainbow cake. After a little bit of research I came up with the idea to make the rainbow out of little hearts. Everyone loved it. Olivia came with her dad to pick it up and wanted to eat it right there! This cake was rainbow tye dyed with Strawberry Crack filling.

Colton Cake

This cake was straight from my cards left at Gymboree (thanks Gymboree!). Colton's mom called me and we decided to make a rock star cake. I wanted to try something different so I made a microphone out of a ice cream cone and rice crispy treats. I believe the cake was tye dyed in the middle with buttercream filling.

Haley Cake

MacKenzie was invited to a birthday party for one of her very best friends Haley. I asked Haley's mom if I could provide the cake as part of her gift. Haley was so excited so I made exactly what she wanted. I was yellow cake with Strawberry Crack filling.

2nd Annual Great Cousin Cake Swap

For the second year during our many trips up to New Jersey we headed to South Jersey to see my Aunt Kate. My cousin Maryanne (Aunt Kate's oldest) comes and we swap cakes. This year I made cupcakes. And not just plain icing on the top cupcakes, I made stuffed cupcakes. Of course I made Maryanne's favorite Raspberry Lemonade cake cupcakes and I also made Chocolate cupcakes with Strawberry Crack filling and Yellow cake with Chocolate Ganache filling. Maryanne made a oh so yummy Keylime cake. It was soooo good! I took as much home with me as I could and ate a piece of it every day till it was done. And I wonder where those 10 extra pounds came from this summer!!!