Sunday, March 20, 2011

London Cake

I got a call a few weeks ago about a cake based on the movie Tangled. After a little bit of searching I found a cool tower design that both would be within my level of expertise and pleased the birthday girl. We used plastic characters from the Disney store to tie in the movie. The top was made out of poster board and gum paste. The top tier was yellow cake with strawberry crack filling, the second was dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and the bottom was tye dye (pastel pink purple and green) with vanilla bean buttercream. And when I started to take pictures of it I realized that it needed a little something so I quickly (her dad was on the way to pick it up) ran in and got some pixie disco dust to give it that princess sparkle.

Laurie Cake

My friend Laurie recently celebrated her 29th birthday. So we decided that the best way to celebrate was with three of her favorite things Chick-fil-A, margaritas, and cake. Chick-fil-A was easy. Most of the girls meet there after school on Wednesdays with the kids so party place done. Margaritas was a little bit trickier. Can't just break out the blender and tequila in the middle of a conservative christian based restaurant so we went with the gift of a margarita making basket filled with all of the goodies that she could need to enjoy a few with her hubby later that night. And cake well that was easy too. Top layer white, bottom layer chocolate and filled and iced with my vanilla bean buttercream. The design?? What else but Chick-fil-A.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Shower

I was invited to a baby shower for one of ladies in Rob's unit. I offered to make the cake for the shower. We wanted to make sure that everyone was happy so one layer was tye dyed with buttercream and the top layer was yellow with ganache. It was a big hit. We ended up putting a little sliver tiara on the top to tie it into the party.

Kiara Cake

One of Kenzie's friends recently turned 12. He dad sent me text to see if I could make the cake for her party. The only requirement was that the top be shaped like a softball. The rest was up to me. Kiara was easy to design for. She is a girly girl who loves everything bright and girly. So I chose to do a colorful zebra print in the middle and some of her favorite things on the bottom. The top cake was tye dyed in her team colors. The middle was red velvet with buttercream and the bottom was yellow cake with mocha buttercream. Everyone loved it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marion Cake

My friend Edric sent me a "secret" facebook message. His wife was turning 30 and he wanted to surprise her with a cake. Her favorite colors are white and gold.