Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiki Cake

The lastes "big" cake I have made is the tiki cake. Shayne and Andrea called me to see if I would make them a cake for Shayne's promotion party. The party was a luau so I started searching the internet and found a really cool tiki cake (see the picture) and thought that I could do that. One thing that I wanted to do differently from the picture was to make it 3d. When the time came to make the cake things were going ok until I started on the face details. I started to get really frustrated. I actually texted Andrea and told her that they might be getting a Hawaiian stump cake if I couldn't figure it out. But a little persistence payed off and I was able to get my little tiki man all done. Then I make the base cake to have a water look complete with edible sand. The tiki cake was the butter pecan cake with mocha ganache and the base cake was yellow cake with a new filling pineapple dream filling. This filling isn't "new" but it is the first time I have put it into one of my cakes. By the way the party was Fantastic!!!

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  1. Yummy...wish I could taste it through the computer!!