Sunday, December 5, 2010

2nd Annual Great Cousin Cake Swap

For the second year during our many trips up to New Jersey we headed to South Jersey to see my Aunt Kate. My cousin Maryanne (Aunt Kate's oldest) comes and we swap cakes. This year I made cupcakes. And not just plain icing on the top cupcakes, I made stuffed cupcakes. Of course I made Maryanne's favorite Raspberry Lemonade cake cupcakes and I also made Chocolate cupcakes with Strawberry Crack filling and Yellow cake with Chocolate Ganache filling. Maryanne made a oh so yummy Keylime cake. It was soooo good! I took as much home with me as I could and ate a piece of it every day till it was done. And I wonder where those 10 extra pounds came from this summer!!!

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