Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kenzie cake

My baby, first born, only daughter is becoming a teen. Tomorrow MacKenzie Dianne will turn 13! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home. So for her special day I wanted to make her a special cake. Usually I don't do anything overly fancy for my own family. Cam Rob, and I aren't big on cake and Kenzie will usually only eat one slice. But since it was a special birthday and we were doing a special party I thought I would make her one. I had originally planned not to show her or tell her what I was making. She requested a tye dyed cake with buttercream. MacKenzie is not a big fan of fondant so I was trying to come up with something she would love. I have seen many different ruffle cakes and it felt like a good fit. I had gone over in my head a million times what I wanted it to look like and what kind of decorations I was going to add. I wanted to make a lily, then a rose, or maybe butterflies. With the weather both very hot and humid and rainy I wasn't sure if they would dry in time. So when I was at the store the other day I saw these pre-made gum paste flower. It is slightly cheating but I knew I was going to color them and make them special so I thought it was worth a try. As I got started decorating the cake I decided to let Kenzie in on the design that was I was certain she would like it. She loved the idea. And loved even more that I wanted to ombre the color. So we started out with a few layers of white then every few layers I added another drop or two of turquoise till I got to the top. They I used plum petal dust to color the petals and some food coloring to paint the center of the flower. Then I sprayed them with pearl spray . And since it was an ice skating party I put opal glitter on the whole cake so it would sparkle. MacKenzie was very happy with how it turned out and so am I.


  1. Wow, nice cake! I haven't been to the bog for awhile. I'm loving that kiwi cake too. You're amazing!

    1. Ok, obviously, that's supposed to say "blog" and not "bog". LOL

  2. Thank you Stacy. I appreciate the kind words. I really enjoy making cakes.

  3. beautiful!! How can that baby girl of yours already be a teen, CRAZY! :) happy birthday!!