Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Retirement cupcake tower

After 20 years of dedicated service in the US Air Force my husband Rob retired.  To celebrate we went all out and had one awesome party complete with a huge cupcake tower made my none other than his lovely wife :).  I was originally going to do a really cool cake I found on Pintrest with an American flag draped down the side and the AF logo on the front.  The more I thought about it the more that seemed like a hassle. Not to make the cake but the fact that we would have to stop celebrating and hanging out with our friends and cut the cake.  If you have been to one of our parties we love the chill laid back feeling of a backyard BBQ.  Nothing formal or fancy.  Just spending time with our friends.  So I though the best thing was cupcakes.  That way we didn't have to stop and serve people and cupcakes would be available whenever someone wanted them.  Since it was a warm day we set it up in the air conditioned house.  I made 5 different cupcakes.  2 dozen each of white on white, raspberry lemonade, and yellow with whipped chocolate ganche.  And then I made around 3 dozen each of the 2 grown up flavors in mini size.  For the mini cupcakes I made Pina Colada (yum!) complete with coconut rum and fresh pineapple and Irish Car Bomb.  The cupcakes were a hit.  From the moment people arrived they started snacking on them.  Almost all of the "adult" cupcakes were gone and I think on a 1/2 dz of each of the others were left.  I really liked doing just a cupcake tower and hope to more soon.

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