Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chloe's cake

For my friend Christy's daughter Chloe I made a Littlest Pet shop cake.  This is my first and only sculpted cake.  I first drew out the paw shape on poster board and then baked a square cake bigger than the shape and cut it out from there.  The I made patterns for all the paw shapes on the cake.  to finish off the cake I took a few of Chloe's favorite pet shop people and decoated the cake.

The sad thing about this cake was the day of the party Chloe got sick and they had to cancel the party.  I made this cake for a birthday party at a jumpy house where they had invited her whole class.  Lucky for them some of thier family was up visiting so the cake wasn't a total waste but from the size of the cake they were eating for a long time. 

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