Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jared's Cake

I almost forgot about Jared's cake.  This is what really started the Gymboree birthday cake spree.  Tiffany, one of Cam's teachers, asked me to make her a cake for her husbands surprise party.  She wanted to get a cake with his favorite band Mushroom Head.  I decided to take on the challenge.  Let me start off by saying black fondant is a bitch to work with.  I gets a million marks on it and shows every little smudge.  The face was made with royal icing and left to dry for a week.  I was smart enough to make two full faces because I just knew that when I peeled them off of the wax paper I was going to break at least one pointy tooth.  They I used red piping gel to make the blood and lettering.  Rob was actually very helpful with this cake as he is familiar with this band.

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  1. The blog looks fantastic Julie!! Way to go girl!!

    This would make a great Halloween cake too! :)