Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emily and Melody Cake

My friend Lynn contacted me a few months ago to make a cake for her daughters combined birthday party. They were using the Disney show Special Agent Oso as a theme. I know who Oso is as Cam likes him and has watched him but coming up with a cake design was a little bit difficult. Sometimes when something is very character driven I get some sort of premade item to use. But Oso isn't extremely popular and the little figure guys were out of stock at our Toys r us. So what I did was find a good image and put it on cardboard to make a standup cake topper. Then I used the Oso colors to make stars, squares, and hearts and top it all off with glitter and disco dust and I think it turned out pretty nice. The top layer was Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache and the bottom was Tye Dye with Vanilla Bean Buttercream.

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  1. ok, I'm SERIOUSLY dying to live near you again cause I'll be putting in some SERIOUS cake orders, yum!! :)