Sunday, March 25, 2012

London's Garden Fairy Cake

London's mom Angila contacted me to do a cake for London's 6th birthday.  Last year I did a Rapunzel tower cake for London.  I was excited when she called me to do another cake this year.  This years theme was Garden Fairy.  Angila sent me a copy of the party invite to start the brainstorming.  After a talk we came up with all the must haves.  Harlequin, dots, butterflies, flowers, toad stools, wand, fairies, and lots of glitter.  I as working on the cake everything came pretty easy except the fairies.  I got to it and made the wand, flowers, butterflies and big #6 topper. I did decide to use the flowers instead dots on the top tier. Then I figured it out.  I cut two fairies out sprayed them with the pearl spray and coated them with opal and hot pink glitter.  I made a banner with Happy Birthday London on it and had the fairies holding it.  Then when it was all done I sprinkled the whole thing with green, pink and opal glitter to make it as sparklie as possible.

The top tier was chocolate on chocolate (dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache) and the bottom was green, pink and white tye dye with strawberry crack filling.  


  1. Beautiful cake!! Love all the details.

  2. Wow, I love this cake. Great job! Not sure about putting crack in the middle of a kid's cake though. Must of made the party very interesting!