Monday, May 28, 2012

Bubble Guppy

Laurie and I had Ella's 6th birthday party and cake planned out since 5 minutes after Ella turned 6.  As the time approached Ella decided she wanted a Bubble Guppy party.  Even though that wasn't what we had been planning we switched gears and started all over to make it just the way she wanted it.  I have to admit I had never hear of the Bubble Guppies so Google became my friend.  The biggest problem I was coming up with was that Bubble Guppies are a bunch of characters and since they are new there isn't really any toys to use on the cake.  So after we decided on the cake design I had to figure out how to get the Bubble Guppies on there.  I ended up printing out the characters on photo paper and laminated them.  Wilton just came out with a ocean silicone mold so I was able to make lots of coral, shells, and sand dollars.  Ella was sad that the strawberry cake was not on the place of honor at the top so to make her happy I made one strawberry cupcake cake and decorated it especially for her and placed it on the top.  The #6 was special too.  That came off of  Ella's triplet siblings Sweet Sixteen cake.  

The top tier was vanilla with vanilla buttercream, middle tier was dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache and the bottom was strawberry with strawberry cake.  

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