Monday, May 28, 2012

Cammie cake

I actually made a cake for one of my kids.  All the cakes I make and I don't usually make them for my own kids.  In my defense Cameron is not really into cake.  He like me loves Carvel ice cream cakes for his birthday.  But since we were having a big party I wanted to make him a big cool cake too.  This year we had his party where he takes Tae Kwon Do lessons.  He loves it there so it was the ideal location.  Everyone had a blast.  Since Cameron is currently a purple belt I used that as the color pallet.  

The bottom tier was the kids layer.  It was blue, green and purple tye dyed with vanilla buttercream.  The top layer was the adult layer vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling.

My big 6 year old!

He even got to cut his cake with a real sword!

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