Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cousins Cake

Back a few months ago I was contacted to do a birthday cake for a ladies daughter. Not very long after the party she sent me an email and told me she would be back for her other daughter 1st birthday cake in April. As I was setting up my April calendar I sent her a quick email to see if she was still interested. She was and wanted to add to it. Instead of doing a party just for her daughter they had decided to do one for all of the cousins who had April birthday's. So we decided on one big 1/2 sheet with all of their names on it and then for the three littlest ones their own cake. The big cake was tye dye with strawberry crack filling and all buttercream decorations and frosting. Then for the little ones we did butterflies for Alyssa, Elmo for Dakota, and a basketball for Bryan. This was the first time I have ever done a full designed character cake. Usually I add plastic figures or use cardboard cut outs. I think I actually pulled it off.

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