Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bollywood Cake

Maya turned 5 again! No not really they just had a second party for all of her family and friend. The first party, complete with beach themed cake, was for her school friends. So Madel, who I love, just told me she needed a big cake with the Bollywood theme and let me go on my own from there. I did a bit of searching the Internet to find an idea and then one day Sarah and I were in Michael's. Wilton (cake decorating company) is coming out with new products for cake and one thing they started making is silicone molds. Right now Michael's only carries two designs, one is buttons and ribbons which I told Ella's mom we need to use for next years cake. And the other is what they are calling a global design. The global design looked so much like what you would find on a sari that I knew it was perfect. After a few minutes of learning time I had it down and was hooked. I really like the molds and will use them again for other cakes. Something else new that I am totally in love with is edible pearl spray. I would love to eventually get an airbrush kit to use but for now I found this spray. It comes in a regular little spray paint can and really set this cake off. I loved it so much I used the whole can on this cake. Along with a bit of disco dust and it was set. The bottom layer was tye dyed with chocolate ganache and strawberry filling, the middle was yellow cake with hazelnut hot chocolate buttercream and the top was chocolate cake with white buttercream. And of course a hand painted topper.

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  1. WOW, that is a masterpiece!! :) Looks too good to dig into!